Margaux is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in fine art. Her works range from fiction films to hybrid analogue/digital installations, combining videos, interactive designs, live installations and 3D environments.


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17'22" FICTION 2019
00:17:22 25fps
4K, 16:9 DCP, ProRes, H264
2600/8000K Dolby 5.1

4K | Colour | dolby 5.1 | french with english subtitles

25-years-old Tomoko, struggling with her recent vision loss, explores her sexuality by giving form to new landscapes of desire and images.


Official Selection – Image + Nation Film Festival LGBTQ Montréal, CA

| 2020 Edition

Official Selection – Inside Out Toronto LGBTQ Film Festival, CA

| 2020 Edition
Selection – Lift-Off First-Time Filmmaker, Los Angeles, US

| 2020 Edition

Semi Finalist – Dumbo Film Festival, New York, US

| 2020 Edition